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Canada~A Country Based on Tolerance and Acceptance

When things are seen in black and white,
they incite violence and discrimination; they
remove all space for tolerance and squeeze it out the back door along with humanity,empathy, care and respect.

What we are then left with is a box filled with the intolerant, where each intolerant being who sees only in black or white, encourages the one he stands next to to utter more intolerant statements and see things even more in black or white. Eventually this box becomes a hornet's nest of gossip and one up-manship and the intolerant end up going against even each other.

Canada is a country based on tolerance and freedom. It was formed of people who were seeking refuge from varying degrees of intolerance and here they were able to find acceptance and peace.

We are considered the most highly of all of the countries in the world for our tolerance and the respect we hold for all peoples. We are welcomed where-ever we go.

I've always felt very blessed to have been born here in Ontario, Canada and was shown from a young age what a great country I live in. One of beauty and peace and a coming together of so many diverse cultures who meet and share and meld parts of each-other into the borders of their lives and eventually into their children's lives who are born here.

There are histories in this country that show anything but tolerance. The way the churches and the government allowed natives to be treated. The way the Japanese were treated during the war. The way many minority's voices still go unheard today. Through it all, we seek to find tolerance and eventually do and try to right the mistakes that are made during times of fear. Fear breeds intolerance and fear spreads like a plague dragging intolerance along with it.

 There are never only two roads. There are many roads and some of them all travel along the same route side by side , only perhaps with slightly different views or bumps along the way.
However they all end up at the same place because they travel the road of tolerance, understanding and forgiveness.

This is the way to build a good and strong organization, be it a family, an interest group or a country.
It is never through differing roads of intolerance and fear; it is through parallel roads of tolerance and understanding and trust.

It is through helping one another gently to see right from wrong and through communication. It is never by 'making an example of' or belittling in front of one's peers or family members.
It is by taking the hand of the one who may see things differently than you and perhaps walking with them for awhile on their road and seeing what they see and then going back onto your own parallel road, enriched with a new understanding and tolerance as you both now travel your individual road as a better and stronger person; able to help one another more towards the goal we all seek.


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