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Climate of Burlington and Oakville, Ontario, Canada

The continental (4 distinct seasons) climate of the Burlington and Oakville area is moderated by it's proximity to the Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment.
Belleville and region experiences warmer temperatures in the winter and slightly cooler temperatures in the summer due to these effects and the average snowfall is lower than many areas in Canada and the north eastern states of the USA.

Our winters generally pass fairly quickly with an average of 291 hours of sunlight.

Oftentimes in winter we will experience a sudden thaw with a number of days reaching above 10C and into the 50s. The odd winter we experience very little snow and generally, January and February are the coldest months.
The average number of snow days is 42.

Spring like weather usually starts to occur haphazardly in March with many warm sunny days.

April is the transition period from cool winter days to very warm springlike days and we can sometimes experience a bit of both.
Our spring weather is extremely warm with temperatures often in the 70s and many people pick May to take their first swim in the areas abundant water bodies.

The Victoria Day weekend (mid-May) is traditionally the start of our summer activities with many people camping in area campgrounds and opening their cottages for the season.

The summers in recent years have been very hot with many days reaching into the 90s although the average high temperature in the summer months is approximately 80F.

The humidity can reach fairly uncomfortable levels and we are in one of the most active thunder storm regions of North America with numerous thunder and lightning storms thoughout the warmer seasons. The storms serve to break up the humidity and bring cooler, clearer weather.

Summer is a beautiful time in the Burlington and Oakville area with an abundance of summer-time actiivities to partake of.

There are numerous marinas for boaters and many clean beaches for swimming. Burlin gton and Oakville are close to numerous  provincial, municipal and private waterfront parks where excellent camping facilities and a wide array of activities to enjoy can be found.

This is an excellent area for the growth of vegetables and fruits and our strawberry season usually arrives in early June.

There are many local farms where one can pick their own raspberries, plums, apples, pears, cherries and a wide variety of vegetables. With rainfall occuring on an average of 100 days and sunlight hours from June to August averaging 771 hours, the climate is excellent for gardening and farming.

Summer temperatures often last into October and the autumn is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy the harvest activities and the changing leaves. The region abounds in fall fairs and festivities as we welcome in the coming cooler months.

Many of the local residents travel to Florida or other southern points for January and February, however they wouldn't miss being back here for the arrival of a glorious spring where thousands of wildflowers and trees are in bloom and the air is fresh with a myriad of intoxicating scents and bird song.

The four seasons of Burlington and Oakville are beautiful with each having a beauty specific to itself that stays in one's memory forever more.


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Comment balloon 2 commentsJo-Anne Smith • June 02 2012 01:32PM


Hi Jo, this is a great explanation of what one can expect moving to the Oakville area from other parts of Canada or The States.  I am always amazed how the climate can be much more moderate around a large body of water such as Lake Ontario.

It's great to have you back blogging on AR!

Posted by Bruce Walter (Keller Williams Realty Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana) over 6 years ago

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for stopping by! It is amazing how water bodies are able to affect our temperature and weather patterns to such a degree. Do you have any large lakes near you?


Posted by Jo-Anne Smith over 6 years ago

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